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How to Choose the Right Lock for Your Home


Picking the right door locks for your home is essential to improving your home security. Unfortunately, picking door locks and security systems for your home is something that is often overlooked.

There are multiple different types of door locks, from key-based to electronic, so it is important to be informed about picking which suits you best. This article will discuss a handful of different types of door locks to help you make the most informed decision about your home security.

Standard key door locks
Standard door locks can be a great way to look after your home security. But with standard locks, it’s important to make sure they are without any significant wear or tear to ensure they are still secure.



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If you have a standard door lock that is getting old, or perhaps you have recently moved into a new home, getting your door locks rekeyed is a great idea. If you are concerned about needing additional security, deadbolt locks provide extra locking protection for that extra peace of mind and safety for your loved ones, your home, and all of your belongings. 


Upgrading to electronic locks 

If you want to combine both high-level security and convenience, electronic door locks may be the solution for you. Electronic locks mean you no longer need to worry about looking for your keys or carrying them around with you again, and provide you with features for additional home security.

There are many benefits to electronic locks. Electronic locks allow you to unlock your home through a keypad, a phone app, or even voice-activated through your phone’s personal assistant. 

Electronic locks also allow you to create unique pins for specific occasions. These pins can be activated for a set amount of time, from minutes to days, and deleted after they are no longer required. Because these pins can be made unique for specific individuals and deleted after, it means you never need to worry about cutting additional keys or whether there is a spare set of keys to your home floating around somewhere unknown.

Electronic locks come in different styles, with lever, latch, deadbolt, and mortice-type electronic locks. Picking which is best suited for your needs can be difficult, but that is where Armstrong Security’s expertise can help you find what is best for you and your needs with an onsite visit from one of our qualified and licensed locksmiths.

Armstrong can help you pick what’s best.

If all of these decisions feel a little overwhelming, don’t worry – we are here to help you! Armstrong Security can provide a full security audit to help decide what locks are best for your home and any additional measures to ensure your family and belongings are as safe as possible. 

Armstrong Security will never recommend something you don’t need or make you pay more than necessary.

Get in touch with us to work out how you can make your home more secure today.