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holiday wisdom

Holiday Wisdom

Here are a few simple tips from Armstrong for this festive season for a little peace of mind.

LOCK EVERYTHING We know that sounds obvious but you will be surprised how easy it is to forget when you are rushing around distracted and frantic for that last minute gift or if you have guests staying with you who don’t have keys. Lock it all! Windows, doors, gates and roof hatches. That goes for your sleigh as well!

HIDE THOSE TREASURES Jewellery, passports, official documents and Christmas gifts. Never leave anything of value in plain sight. Maybe invest in a safe and have it hidden in your home for added protection. Having anything of value visible from windows only encourages potential break-ins.

LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON Not so Eco-friendly these days but it’s a good idea to have lights using a timer to come on at night when you are away on holiday, a radio chattering in the background can also be a deterrent. The more likely someone looks like they are home, the better the security.