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Become a Locksmith with Armstrong

Feeling safe and secure is one of the most valuable things in our lives, and that is why being a locksmith and working in home and business security is an incredibly important job. Are you interested in working as a locksmith here with us at Armstrong? We have plenty of locksmith jobs and electronic security jobs all across NZ. With 17 locations and an interesting new career opportunity, we are sure to have a job that could be your next great career move.


What do locksmiths do?

Most people know locksmiths as the ones to call when you are locked outside. Locksmiths pick locks to help you get back into where you need to go. But the job is also much more varied than that. Not only do locksmiths at Armstrong pick locks and cut keys, but they help install security systems, alarms, and cameras. Working as a locksmith provides a varied and rewarding working day with great compensation.

become a locksmith with armstrong security

Why Locksmiths are important?

Locksmiths are incredibly important for many reasons. Both locksmiths and electronic security technician jobs help people install systems to make their homes and offices more secure. These systems help provide people a feeling of safety and comfort, allowing them to relax. In this way, we help protect families and loved ones and keep your belongings safe.

Not only do locksmiths help people to feel more protected, but they are also a great help in times of need. When people are locked out after losing their keys, they are often running late and feeling very stressed out. Having a reliable and punctual locksmith can save the day, and help people out in a major way.

Why become a locksmith?

There are many reasons why becoming a locksmith is a great idea. Working with us at Armstrong provides you with great career opportunities. Not only that, because we at Armstrong have locations all over the country there is excellent flexibility and sure to be a location that suits you. Armstrong is a well trusted and respected company, meaning you will be joining one of the best. 

Becoming a locksmith will teach you transferrable skills and provide a rewarding career, where no two days are the same. Not only that, but locksmiths are always going to be needed regardless of the economic conditions, unlike many other professions. This means working as a locksmith is a safe and viable career even through an economic downturn.

Training to become a locksmith

If you are interested in becoming a locksmith, learn with Armstrong and learn with one of the best. We have 17 locations across the country, so there is bound to be a location that suits you. We are currently looking for apprentice locksmiths, electronic security technicians, and alarm/CCTV and access control technicians to join our team. If joining our team sounds like a great opportunity to you, we would love to hear from you. Contact Sandy today on 029 474 9007 and/or email your CV to