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Are Security Alarms Essential?

Although a proper security system might not initially feel essential, being burgled can be both incredibly expensive and very upsetting. And while a security system can feel like a big investment, the cost of going without can be far greater. The importance of an alarm system shouldn’t be overlooked. A security alert system doesn’t need to be expensive and can give you peace of mind, increase your security, and potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.


The importance of an alarm system is to stop burglars when they attempt to break into your property. You can set up your home security alert system to set off an alarm on your property when triggered and also contact Armstrong Security or your neighbours. However, not only does a good security alarm stop break-ins, but they also act as a great deterrent and make burglars less likely to try stealing from your property. A good alarm system provides 24/7 protection and monitoring because you can’t have your eyes on your property all of the time.

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Security alarm systems are especially useful when you combine an alarm with security cameras to give you that extra level of protection. An alarm system will make burglars stop what they are doing, but a camera system will make them more likely to be caught. The rest of this article will discuss where the best places to install cameras to maximize the benefit of your new alarm system.

Security Cameras are essential

Having a security camera placed at your main points of entrance, such as your front doors is a great idea. The front door is often the main point of entrance to any break-in, so in addition to a good security alarm system, having CCTV footage of the front door is a great idea.

Another important area to cover is any back or side entrances to your property. Because side entrances and backdoors are often not visible to the public, they can be a popular area for break-ins. Therefore, as part of your security alert system, it is important to see who is coming and going around these places.

Security for your business too

A security alert system doesn’t need to be for just your home but also your business. When installing a security system in a business, there are a few additional locations where it is great to install CCTV cameras. 

In a business setting, having CCTV footage of your reception area is a great idea. Reception areas are similar to the front door of your home and as the common first point of contact, are one of the main break-in points. 

In a business setting, you should cover any points of sale with security cameras. This will help you to keep track of sales and avoid any theft. Similar to covering where cash is stored, you should also cover stock rooms and warehousing with CCTV cameras. 

Having a good security alert system is important to ensure your home and business are well protected. Combining an alarm system with security cameras can make you extra protected and make solving any crime that might take place easier.


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