Automotive Locksmith Services


If you need a new car key, talk to us first, the Car Dealers do.

Armstrong is proud to offer the following Automotive services. Please select the area that best suits your needs.

Replacement Keys / Locks

Transponder Keys

Key Retriever

If you've got a late model car, chances are the key has a computer chip in it called a transponder. You may have heard that you can only get a new or additional transponder chip key from your car dealer. Truth is, you can get transponder chip keys from Armstrong, much faster than from a car dealer.

Because we create transponder chip keys at our outlets, and from our mobile locksmith vans, many car dealers get us to make new keys for their customers so their clients don't have to pre-order and wait for them to arrive from overseas. This is even more important in the event of a lost transponder key.

Of course we create keys for older cars as well. No matter what the vehicle - car, truck, motorcycle, boat, airplane - or the circumstance, we've got the tools and technology to get you in and get you going.

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