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Integrated Security Solutions For Your Home

Our home security solutions include both wired and wireless options and offer hi-tech security in areas that were once difficult or impossible to access in an existing building. Now we can achieve an optimal security solution for your home or office.

Our security professionals can now place security cameras and sensors exactly where they are needed for maximum security protection.

Check out our home alarms and monitoring services and our security camera options.

Intercom systems allow you to know and monitor who is coming into your property and to your front or back door. 

Intercom puts you in control so you can pro-actively assess the situation and take appropriate action if needed.

Intercom can be audio and video or just audio and can operate as a stand-alone device or integrated with other security components controlling your home or office.

Our security professionals take the complexity out of hi-tech solutions so that you can control security at your home or office anywhere, anytime. Call them now on 0800 506 111 or book a job here.

With over 35 years’ experience you can trust Armstrong for smarter security.

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