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Armstrong is recognised as the industry leader in Master Key systems. Master Key systems are used to allow or restrict access of different areas to different people.

As an added benefit you can also have access to Armstrong Key Manager which means that at the touch of a button, you'll know exactly who has which key and which keys are due to be returned. You can have Armstrong Key Manager installed on your computers or you can access it at the Armstrong website by logging on.

masterkeychart.gifOur commercial services also include the creation of security (restricted) keys that cannot be duplicated without proper authorisation, along with access controls, lock and filing cabinet repairs, safe installation, alarm installation and upgrades, and alarm monitoring.

We'll be pleased to do a walk-through of your business or facility and make recommendations regarding the right alarm system for you. We'll look at the type and number of alarm detectors you require depending on how people enter and leave different areas. And we will recommend a monitoring schedule that takes staff arrivals and departures into account, organises response procedures and gives you access to an audit trail of every entry or exit from a building.

Our Master Key systems are so smart they're used exclusively by New Zealand's best universities.

We also pass the test at hundreds of:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Factories
  • Sports clubs
  • Office buildings

With the correct key management system put in place from the first day of using your key restricted system, you will have the peace of mind that only authorised key holders will have keys.

For more information, or to assess your security needs, please contact us on 0800 506 111.

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