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Armstrong Key Manager is a simple to use software program that efficiently controls all aspects of your organisation's key issues and returns. No longer be concerned with who has access to which parts of your organisation. With Armstrong Key Manager all past and current allocations of security keys can be reported at the touch of a button.


  • Assigns specific keys to each door
  • Records which keys open each door
  • Automatic alerts for overdue keys
  • Full history of key issues and returns retained
  • Place key orders electronically
  • Receive system updates by email

When allocating keys to registered users, you can assign a return date if necessary. Armstrong Key Manager automatically alerts you to the presence of overdue keys as you use the program. A full history of key issues and returns is retained for future reference.

With in-built multi-user and network capabilities, Armstrong Key Manager can be used for any size company or organisation. Security and quality control audits can be completed in a matter of minutes and all information can be printed or displayed on-screen.

Armstrong Key Manager is easy to use. With full training and documentation on installation you can be up and running within a couple of hours.

Want to see a demo?

For a demonstration of Armstrong Key Manager, contact your local Armstrong outlet.

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