Door Access Control


Security of highly sensitive areas of your business is now a critical element of most businesses.

Access Control is designed for sensitive and restricted areas and comes in a range of sizes and complexity, from a proximity fob to swipe and key cards.

Not only does access control prevent unauthorized entry, it will also monitor staff movements putting you in control of your premises.

Unlike keys, proximity fobs and swipe cards are difficult to duplicate, giving greater security and peace of mind.

Of course technology is advancing and we can also offer recognition and access through iris, fingerprint and face recognition.

At Armstrong we can design and customize access control systems to suit
individual requirements.

Our Access Control systems can integrate with alarm systems, CCTV and intercom that can be monitored on site, independently or remotely on a computer, pad or mobile.

Armstrong Access Control technology control suits any size of business with 1 user or 40,000 users and over 500 different access points providing controlled access for individuals by areas and times.

Our experience in access control is vast and includes small businesses, large corporate, Government departments, hospitals, education institutions and apartment buildings.

To talk to one of our Access Control specialists call 0800 506 111.

Key Management is another Armstrong specialty and our service includes
installing and upgrading any type of lock for any application from doors, cabinets, desks and other office applications.

Our locksmiths will provide key systems that control access for individuals to any specific area or cabinet you require. To ensure safety we also install panic hardware for emergency exits to meet all safety regulations.

Door Locks are very sophisticated now. In order to keep ahead of intruders we have a wide range of electronic, digital and traditional locks for every application.

One call to 0800 506 111 and we will have your door locks, cabinet locks, padlocks, gate locks or any other lock sorted quickly and efficiently. Or you can book a job on line here.

Armstrong, the trusted brand in business security.

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