CCTV Cameras


Burglars hate security cameras

They know that their chance of being caught after a security camera has them on record is greatly enhanced.

There are incidents everyday where Police have apprehended criminals as a result of security cameras recording their offending.

Security cameras are a huge deterrent. They record activity indoors, outdoors, day and night for uninterrupted surveillance and can be monitored over the internet or mobile service on devices and computers anywhere, anytime.

Cameras can be in full view as a deterrent or placed discreetly and can be wired or wireless.

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras can record and send and receive data via a computer network which can be viewed anywhere, anytime, live or recorded and have a wide range of uses including:

  • Footage for Police if a burglary has occurred
  • Employee theft and/or illegal activity
  • Extra set of eyes
  • Criminal deterrent
  • Emergency and accident reporting
  • Uninterrupted surveillance
  • View and review footage over the internet
  • Digitally store images for later viewing
  • Reduce false alarms and call outs
  • Programmed to suit individual requirements
  • Can be integrated with an alarm system

Yes security camera options are complex but our professional security team will take out the complexity and recommend the right security option for your home or office.

A burglary or home invasion will leave you feeling violated and insecure so before that happens book a consultation on line here or phone 0800 506 111.

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