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An alarm system is a huge deterrent to burglars!

No doubt you have seen the public react to an alarm siren. Sirens command attention to the fact that something on that property is very wrong.

It is a big deterrent to burglars as they know that the siren won’t go un-noticed by neighbouring businesses and people passing by and a guard response is very likely.

To be burgled is a devastating experience that can have costly consequences for your business, let alone the time taken to put you back on track. Our alarm specialists have over 35 years experience on how best to protect your business premises. With 17 stores nationwide and a fully equipped mobile fleet we can have your business much safer and more secure quickly and efficiently.

Our state of the art security systems use the latest technology to be one step ahead of intruders. With both hardwired and wireless options we can install your choice of product to your property and our sensors can detect both body heat and movement. Our advanced technology enables you to self monitor and control your business from a computer, pad or mobile phone.

You can also have the choice of including an Audit Trail via Access Control which will also allow various levels of individual access,

Our monitoring service can also quickly alert you to any alarm activation. If you need a guard response we will arrange that too.

For a consultation to evaluate an alarm and monitoring tailored for your business call 0800 506 111 or book a consultation on line here.

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