Challenger Safes at Armstrong

Not only do we sell the famous Yale safes but we also stock a range of Challenger Safes.

 EC2-53 Challenger SafeHere some info directly from Challenger . . .

Choosing the right Safe for the protection of valuables in your home, whether they are of Material or Sentimental value (or both), is important. Is Fire or Theft your No. 1 Concern, and do you have a suitable place to locate it for ease of use, but still allows the Safe to be securely fixed to the floor or suitably strengthened shelf. Depending upon your value of stored materials, it may be important to discuss the location and installation requirement with your Insurer. A proper Safe will have an approved Cash Rating, be built to a Tested Standard, and should provide you with ongoing "Peace of Mind".

  • Challenger safes are 100% New Zealand owned with over 27 years experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing safes, secure storage systems and other physical security products
  • Offer a range of product options
  • Import and stock a wide range of high-quality safes for both residential and commercial applications
  • Are the only safe manufacturer in New Zealand that can design and manufacture custom product that complies with the exacting AS/NZS3809 Standards as well as European and US grading standards
  • Are a trusted supplier to Banking, Retail and Commercial sectors in New Zealand and Australia

Please contact our friendly staff to learn more about Challenger Safes solutions.

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