Cavius - The World's Smallest Smoke Detector

There is a common scenario that many can relate to, your ceilings are littered with smoke alarms and suddenly in the middle of the night one of them begins to screech a piercing chirp, shaking you instantly awake.

Fire? Not this time.

Rattled, you jump out of bed onto a chair and quickly snatch the dying battery from the device all the while muttering that you will replace it tomorrow.

Replacing tomorrow can easily be forgotten.

What if there was a product where the battery did not need to be replaced for at least ten years?

Peace of mind.

Well . . . now there is, so it's time to kiss goodbye to broken sleeps from dead batteries!

CAVIUS is the world’s smallest smoke alarm. By combining state of the art electronics with superior product design, CAVIUS has produced the world’s smallest Photoelectric Smoke Alarms and Thermal Heat Alarms, both with a 10 year battery.


Armstrong stock Cavius Alarms so come and visit us today and see them for yourself.

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